Slave pain and humiliation

Now my blushing bare pussy fuck-slaves, you’re going to find out what true humiliation and pain is!  I’m going to whip your pussies till tears are flowing from your eyes and slit!  And until I see a nice hot pink glow from each cunt, and your slits are wide open and clits standing proud and aching – aching in pain and wanting to be fucked!
And then we’re going to march all our field workers past here and you better keep crying and blushing and wiggle your naked snatch real invitingly to all of them, regardless if it’s your father, mother, or brother!  You’re the desert for those bucks to work real hard for me today!
You’re going to be spread and whipped again at the end of the day in front of all my field workers and then I’ll let the hardest workers loose on you in front of the whole crowd!  They love a crying, blushing bitch to fuck their brains out – and I’ll leave the whips handy so they can keep your pussies real warm!  But if I don’t see a lot of action from your naked pussies, if I don’t see them naked and wide, and dripping cum at the end of the night, you’re going to find out how much humiliation and pain there is to have your clits cut off in public!

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Slave pain and humiliation
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