a young woman is intoduced to the cross

What was she to do?  They seemed such good lads and when invited back to their place for a drink she felt very safe.  Odd perhaps, but she did.  In a way she was too, no danger of violence.

After a couple of glasses of fine wine, she was still in control and it was not an act of coercion but an invitation, when the pair suggested she lose her shoes and dress and experience a new and very different way of enjoying herself.  Because she knew them both, their backgrounds and families, it would be safe enough, if novel.  Why not?

It was novel alright, for herself certainly.  She was no stranger to the idea of being undressed in male company.  She’d keep her panties on, but nothing else, as the game offered didn’t work if encumbered with layers of conventional clothing.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained, so with only the briefest of white briefs remaining on, she entered the room at the back of their house.

She’d lost count of the pricks that had fucked her, although a record was maintained in her diaries, and if these two wanted to, they could.  They didn’t, but maybe, later . . . ?

All she saw in the room was a large wooden ‘X’ shape, several feet high, in front of one wall, and was directed to stand in front of it, facing out.  The request obligingly met, the pair quickly roped her wrists to the splayed upper arms, assuring her that the bindings would not slip as a series of studs at rear would prevent it.  Feet would be bound too, but gravity would ensure they stayed in place.  A smile crossed her face, until, arms secured, her panties were being taken off.  Although a leg was shifted in an attempt to prevent their removal, the gesture was in vain.

While her breasts were almost non-existent, showing pussy was a nakedness too far.  Her pudenda was shaved and there was in her opinion nothing more naked that a female with a hairless pussy.  They would fix ankles so that legs would be apart, open for anything.  Anything?  What was there that she could not envisage?

Indeed, anything could happen.  She wondered what, a variety of possibilities flashing before her eyes, some good, some not so good, others downright terrible.  She was becoming anxious now . . .

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a young woman is intoduced to the cross
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